Saturday 27 June 2015


My bed premises a bodily smile
Like a plethora of cooling breeze
Your thoughts visit my mind
Now I know I am drowning.
Better is you every leaving mile
I long for your lip-read rhythms
They tell the truth of your kind
Sweet like a fresh drawn honey.
I have refused the might to struggle
For I relish this pleasure to sink
As I remember your biding cry
When we played under the tree.
The stars are gazing at my angle
And the waft whispers words in pink
I feel my tongue three-times dry
Leaving rivulets of sweats surge free.
Your past has such chained me tight
I burn and I love the scars
And for this love found I am bound
You are not the manner of some shallow water.
In you I see my lifting flight
A prisoner behind your loving bars
Favour is in a good wife found
Such you, no war alter.
Our union is golden ringed
Our love purely felt and bought
And as we hold on the divine edge
Our nuptial someday...
Our promises are not winged
 And no end to the joy of this court
Our days will thus one day merge
It begins today…

1 comment:

  1. You shared a poem with the #PoetsforPeace collaboration recently. Praxis Magazine online approached us and is publishing the collaboration as a whole. We need your permission to include your poem. Please contact me here or via email.