Tuesday 30 June 2015


Your eyes hold memory of sadness
I see your soul this morning
Sick with a sickness of sorrow.
Your life is a life of deep sorrow
For your smiles are not prided joys
In your sweetness lingers a great bitterness.
Your legs are not happy
I saw you dance last night
Those were not playful but painful steps.
You have pretended happiness as helps
You fought a dream a fortnight passed
You war nights to not be sleepy…
You are sad now
A look at you, a maintained frown
Your tales of delights were none.
You are just alone
Alone in the darkness of your plague
The pattern of pains is in your brow.
Your lips are pursed in revenge
You play strings of slights
And told not your story to know!
The world has become your foe
Life has been harsh and not fair
Your vengeance is a paradise pledge…
To fight with life hurts lives…
A torrent current desires no dives...
I wish I know your tale of sorrow
For your safe tomorrow…

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