Monday 8 June 2015



Sweet soothing death…

Come one, come all
Buy sweet soothing death

Come one, come all
Buy sweet soothing death…

Be warned!
You may die young…


Bode testified of his testimony
His graduation was very quick

He smoked paper
Smoked a smoke
Wielded the wrapped weed!

His fine future…ruined!
Ruined in weedy whistling puffs …

Smoked to read

Smoked to sing
Smoked to act

He loved the sweet soothing smoke

And met madness …
In madness, he smoked madly
He kicked mortality.


The smoke seller’s son…
Lamori was very young

He took the sweet soothing smoke
And died very young…

She neither stopped the sold
She traded the lives of his friends

Sold them the sweet soothing smoke
Her way to avenge her son…


And after this commercial,
A bold irony slapped my face …

‘The Federal Ministry of Health warns!
Smokers are liable to die young…’

What a fiscal embrace of death?

A brutal slain of health
On a balance weight of choice…!

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