Tuesday 16 June 2015


The Friend
Lakasegbe, is a generous
Friend in deed and indeed!
He gets six scores of eggs
And gives me two…
He stingily begs my stunned
For I do shower him my kindness
He is a generous selfishness.
The Wife
Bose tells tales
Of his unkind kindness
He buys her nothing
But baggy words of brags…
He tells her of me
And the two eggs he gives…
But not the six scores…
The Children
The children averse him with love
He promised toys
He buys the effigy of Moremi
The African toy of the Wonder woman…
He buys cheap scary effigies
His version of frugality…
What toy is in effigies?
I have kept two eggs for him
His rainy days come soon…
Bola is packed to pack
What husband is in a greedy miser?
The children pray in their silence
His speedy demise in a wild Amen
May his punisher be brutally generous.

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