Wednesday 3 June 2015

Thorny Palms


This lightness in my mind
Is ruined by a hedged harmony…

Thorny tendrils of lines having teeth
Choke my heart…and

Bruised memories clot in
Weeping welts ridged on my fleshy coat

Like bloodless fleas and blood
My fingers scavenge over loomed characters.


You were my friend
And I had sworn to keep you…

I did this and that… pouched pure
Positive pour portion of passion…

And you did neither that nor this …

Love was not there for a moment
Your witchcraft was the chameleon

I was a child craft in heart
And you were a deceptive charm…


I despised the loud cries of caution
Of the gentle Spirit in my heart

I remembered under the heavy rain
How I beckoned on the thunder
And willed my life to its lightening staff…

I daily dangled on a fragile geniality

I cursed…
Burnt myself on the pyre of gods


For you and you alone

My tongue reposed on fangs of imprecations
As though God was not enough

I invoked…
Strange gods to attest to our mutuality
Sango, Obatala…Esu Odara…

Ignorant that some men are beasts…
For I was lost…obsessed by the truth

The truth hoped to prop us friends forever


They oft called us the snail and the shell
And you prey me a snare and a hell

You were the leech
You drained…sipped sapped… emptied!

Like a shade of shadow I fooled followed
Accepted you as a fate robed in friendship

Now that I have forgiven you
How could I forget....?

You ripped raped my sister. Trust…

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