Thursday 25 June 2015

silent words

silent words are whips
they singe too...

mother has them in her looks
and in the flicks of her index finger

i remember…how she had looked…

and lashed the legions in my coveting eyes
counting the visitor’s morsels…

how her index finger

had made me wet my pants
when I mounted the horns of disobedience…

silent words are bladed fangs
they cut deep too…

jane, the orphan, has it in her tears
and in the gasps of her sobs…

i remember how at her tears

my heart melted…
and a snowy love froze my steaming blood

chilled my manly pride…
and cut me into flickering fragments…

her sobs tethered my wrongs in remorseful twines.


my wife is lost to the paws of infidelity

she covets…flirts with the testicles of tycoons
and mounts the horns of disobedience

i have got the looks of mother
the flicks in her index finger

the tears of jane and the gasps in her sobs

i will lash, wet her pants
melt her heart ….cut her deep
tether her wrongs in remorseful twines…

and gain her back on the pyre of silent words!

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