Thursday 25 June 2015

the snake and the lass


the osculation thrusts long and deep
and a rude rod-like rising
snakes in the zippered cell…loosely!

a big tongue loses in lust in a little mouth…

then the frippery gifts…

the lass hoards her hands in fisted holds
and a coyish rage stars her eyes…

the kiss…again!


it is not new
the story in the penny pamphlet

‘uncle kisses her from cradle…
his nice nature comes in kisses’

ask my curious cheeks of the stinging slaps
in thundering thuds of a hand of fury

once beaten twice shy…

i mute uncle’s kisses and beyond kisses…


and today that she turns sweet sixteen
her gown is drenched in a ruddy stream

a cutter shimmers clutched in her hand
drowned in a baptism of blood

a naked testicle in bloody spurts
drops to an unheard beats of agony

and a noisy silence seals the seeking ears

‘mother, i cut the snake today!’ she groans…!

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