Friday 12 June 2015

My Love

Hold my hand and let us run
Swiftly in this pure rude ruddy sun
And trap sparkling dreams in cloudy blue
Calling me and you.

We can sit here on the cold sand bar
And search the sky for the fainted star
The seal of our doting binds
Watching us behind the whitish blinds.

Can you hear the calling echoes?
Telling tales of our falling foes
The eyes of envy on our fostered penchant
Blinded for ever like a greedy merchant

Let us not hide in shades of nights
Where lay tempting wrongs in ghostly rights
The light shining there is our friend
To keep our love firm to the end.

Now, my nose sniffs a rosy scent
As your head wafts a hairy rent
I wish your hair grow in my hand
As we race the nuptial island.

Shall we rove far and wide?
Laugh tinkling jokes as we glide
Close our eyes into the silent within
And whet the ardour blooming.

In your eyes are coals of diamonds
I desire decades in their bonds
I am not a man of treasure…
Forever with you is my pleasure.


Show me your heart
I will tread with caution its path
They call me the gentle man
And in you I see a gentle woman.

Here, in my heart, tryst
My soul is void of the manly beast
I shall keep you unscarred
For our love is sacred.

Would you smile?
If I am gone for food far into the mile
Promise me, would you?
Without, life is without clue.

Would you give me your grief?
That we could both cry to relief
That I may find strength
That you may find breath…

Come, let us nude
Forgive me, this unintended lewd
I seek not the strip of clothes
But the past drowned in loathes.

Should we not our careless past
Unhidden and nakedly cast?
For there is no future built
On a ground miry with guilt.

Whisper into my sickly seeking ears
Sweet words I had sought for years
And in the streams of this grey light
Love, be in my dreams tonight.


Lost from the orb in the firmament
Sparkles of rays pinned your garment
Obsessed in a flood of fun
For your charm is a sunny pun.

I see a place in the crux of your heart
Furnished in a special craft and art
A throne fashioned in the hue of love
And a crown in the feathers of a dove

I feel something trace the rails in my bones
These tributary of crude hormones
Luring burning lustful essence
Please, bind me with cuffs of patience.

I am a man and potent
Yet, I desire this libido ace latent
Till my love for you is ringed
We shall copulate closely winged.

Shall I ask?
Find not my sought answer a task
For I perspire a fear…
Your love only can take care.

When lost to the curiosity that befalls men
Would you my heart grave with the love pen?
Would you forgive my manly errs?
And gift me to wisdom, forever hers…

If I dance to the music of anger
Would you pilot this love a safe hangar?
When you find not in me an angel
Would you save me from the fists of hell?


I fear looms of disappointments
For my muse holds hidden in selfish moments
I sweat in my roam for worthy inspiration
Could I be broken of words for your adoration?

Restless fingers riot my trembling strands
And I feel a lump growth in my ardent glands
The rhythmical breeze laps me a scorching coldness
It is your voice wrapped in a whispering Goodness.

Love, I find not my passion on beds of books
It is here in your eyes, in beautiful rosy looks
My bondage embraces a timely loose
And there, in a staunch smile, lies my muse.

We will fly away somewhere far and safe
In twiny wings from this world of pain and grief
Last night, you called me your father
I fetched relief that I have got in you a mother.

I shall bring you soulful beats of ardour
Anklets on your fine feet to adore
I know the wield of dance in space
Ask… They know me well in the market place.

This love of ours is fine and faceless
Shall we go blind blinder and remain flawless?
Season not this race with games
And char not these feelings in fleeing flames.

We shall camp at the shoulder of the ocean
And draw its sweetness to ease our tension
At the peak of my hearty castle
I shall sing of your love to the windy whistle.


  1. THank you sir for stopping by.

  2. danielmobolaji23 June 2015 at 13:35

    love this part
    Would you give me your grief?
    That we could both cry to relief
    That I may find strength
    That you may find breath…